Through its associate company, Marcel Corporate will leverage its range of capabilities and expertise in major international IT programs to provide strategic direction in areas of solution architecture, design and build and the integration of existing and future IT solutions to align with an organisation’s business objectives.

Consulting services may include the assessment of the business value of solutions, advice on current and future business goals and the development of appropriate IT strategies to support these. Marcel Corporate has the resources to provide advice as well as to participate in the development and execution of public and private sector IT projects.


In the rapidly evolving information and communications sector, Marcel Corporate brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the latest technologies and trends and how they increasingly drive growth across all industries. Leveraging its capabilities across the following areas, Marcel Corporate helps its clients to find their optimal strategic path and maximise value.

  • Thought leadership and team building
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Product and technology strategy development and execution
  • Product engineering
  • Quality control and quality assurance (CMM-I and Agile)
  • Productivity improvement and cost reduction programmes
  • Transformational capabilities
  • Technology leadership
  • Enterprise architecture and SOA adoption