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Marcel corporate product services

Marcel Corporate offers a number of specialist services which add value to our customers’ business.

Innovative software product development

Our innovative software product development is a highly specialised service aimed at ISVs and large enterprises with unique needs. The focus of the service is to create a cost effective and quality product with fastest time-to- market, and most importantly with no compromise on the innovation.

Using a combination of our business domain expertise, rich technology experience and superior product development methodologies, we deliver best in class service be it a brand new product development or adopting a cutting edge technology in your portfolio at the best TCA.

New product development (NPD)

You can benefit from our NPD irrespective of where you are on the adoption curve and on the NPD framework (Newness to market vs. newness to company). Our track record in bringing NPDs to market can help you lead ahead of your competition.

Service oriented architecture (SOA) based product developmentBack to top

SOA based product development requires a unique design and development methodology that differs from traditional, monolithic stovepipe development models. You can take advantage of a proven track record in SOA and event driven architecture based product development to realise your SOA vision.

Software as a Service (SaaS) development

A robust SaaS development framework, tool kits and methodology provide you with an ideal platform to transform your current generation products into SaaS in an incremental and agile approach.

Enterprise Architecture design

We provide access to the right know-how to shape enterprise-wide architectures that address a variety of business challenges. We can help your organization identify and implement strategic priorities and technologies that enable the development of capabilities to support cost controls, revenue generation, and business growth

Web 2.0 development

With our specialist knowledge in Web 2.0, we can help you at every step of your journey, all the way to getting certified as a Level 3 Web 2.0 App

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO experts understand that SEO is an ongoing process and will work with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor a solution that achieves long term benefits for your business. We will cover the entire process, improving all aspects of your web page, identifying key words, developing relevant content, links, meta tags, detailed monthly reports to monitor progress etc, increasing your website’s position for organic search driving more customers to your site.

Web hostingBack to top

We offer services which range from developing small static sites to applying a content management system and building an enterprise scale site for a globally distributed organisation.

Our plans are flexible and can adapt and scale as your business evolves. From access which enables you to manage yourself, to totally outsourcing with service level agreements.
We have access to a state-of-the-art data centre and we also have the experience to offer our clients full content delivery network (CDN) solutions with enhanced domain name system (DNS) when required.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Our expertise and focus in Search engine marketing (SEM) will be directed to ensuring our clients achieve their marketing goals and a positive Return on investment for their advertising spend.

Applied research and technology adoption

Our applied research and technology adoption team facilitates you in transforming fundamental principles into best practices, and helps you in taking a Go/No-Go decision of adopting a technology in your portfolio

Product management and portfolio rationalisation

Our product management team can help you build software products based on your market strategies. We can also build product management function into your organization without the risk or expense of recruiting full time senior level staff.

As industry veterans we understand that products in your portfolio can often build up to the point where they are unmanageable and ineffective and therefore, unprofitable. Over time, this accumulation can be a significant burden to the organisation. Our portfolio renovation and rationalisation services are based on a world class framework that can optimise your product profitability.

Technology / Platform migrationBack to top

Our platform migration services provide a range of solutions to migrate legacy enterprise applications or systems to a new target platform. Our services cover all aspects of technology such as architecture, migration of the user experience and data migration. You can have a modernised product that is completely transformed to a new technology and environment.

Some of the most common platform migrations our teams have executed:

  • VB to .NET
  • Java to J2EE/Java EE5
  • Migration to next generation database technology

Feature enhancement and application maintenance

Often product teams find themselves in a situation where numerous peripheral features need to be added to their product, but can’t find the time and in some occasions have to tackle a new technology that they are not familiar with, under such situations, our product teams can augment your in-house product teams and can aid in building these features into your product.

Most enterprise products have a huge install base of numerous legacy versions of the product. A significant investment needs to be made to maintain these multiple versions of an old code base on older technologies, to support existing customers until they can be persuaded to migrate to newer versions of the product.

Our product maintenance services help you support your existing products and customers in a cost effective manner, while your product teams can focus on building new products or versions.

High scalability benchmarking and Independent testing services

Performance and scalability have become two of the most important criteria when measuring the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of an enterprise class solution. Our benchmarking teams, through the use of proven and advanced techniques, a structured testing approach and appropriate performance testing tools, will reduce the risks of performance failure for your new or enhanced solutions.

Performance engineeringBack to top

A significant part of an enterprise class solutions success depends on its scalability to support large user populations and enormous amounts of data, and contain comprehensive maintenance and administration utilities. Our performance engineering services enable organisations to meet performance expectations and improve the overall user experience by engineering higher performance early on in the application development lifecycle.